Cannabis Processing & Industrial Hemp Equipment

In the cannabis processing industry, distillation through CBD distillate is the fundamental way to achieve purity and potency of cannabis products. The fittings used in hemp processing equipment and cannabis processing equipment require high levels of quality to create the purest forms of hemp and cannabis.

Our fittings play a crucial role in cannabis processing. They offer:

  • Sanitary Design: Cannabis products are increasingly being used for medicinal purposes, and maintaining a sterile environment is essential to prevent contamination. BPE fittings are designed for clean, sterile environments. The smooth surfaces and crevice-free design are easy to clean and help prevent bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Many processes used in cannabis production involve harsh chemicals or solvents. The stainless steel construction of our fittings makes them resistant to corrosion. This helps ensure a long lifespan and prevents unwanted materials from leaching into the cannabis product.
  • Versatility: Our large variety of fittings can accommodate different pipe sizes and configurations, allowing for a flexible piping system in a processing facility. They can be customized to handle different materials and fluid flow requirements.

The specific type of cannabis product being processed will influence the type of fittings needed for your operation. CO2 extraction, for instance, might require different fittings than those used for butane hash oil (BHO) extraction. Feel free to contact our sales team for assistance in selecting the right fittings for your cannabis processing needs.

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