• Contracts, with mills, are written to secure controlled metallurgy for materials used in manufacturing (tube & bar) to assure consistency order to order.
  • Only AISI T316L stainless steel is used for fitting manufacturing. Other materials are available upon request.
  • All fittings, including welded assemblies, are annealed for stress relief and tolerance retention.
  • Material Test Reports (MTR) are kept in a permanent file at Advance Fittings.


  • MTR’s are required for all materials used in the production of fittings.
  • The original MTR’s are kept in a permanent file at Advance Fittings.
  • A printed copy of MTR’s is provided for all components used in fitting manufacturing and is available upon request.
  • All fittings are permanently marked with heat numbers for system validation.

Surface Finishes

  • Multiple combinations of finishes are available, from 10Ra maximum to 30Ra minimum.
  • Advance Fittings uses a Perthometer to measure surface finishes, thus guaranteeing the finish on every fitting meets or exceeds specifications. A printed copy of the Perthometer readings is available upon request.
  • Advance Fittings electropolishes in-house with our own speciality designed system.


  • All fittings are pin-printed for permanent identification per ASME-BPE.
  • The mill heat number is stamped on each fitting for each component.
  • T316L and “ADVANCE” is permanently stamped on each fitting to assure receipt of quality fittings.


  • Each fitting is cleaned in Deionized Water and dried with filtered air.
  • All ends (weld & clamp) are capped to prevent damage.
  • Each fitting is individually placed in a plastic bag and heat sealed.
  • Every fitting has a label attached to the outside of the bag which lists the part number, part description and size, material type, heat number(s) and date of manufacture.

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