Advance Fittings Corporation began their journey making fittings for the food and dairy industries. Dairy production in the United States is held to strict sanitation standards, which is why we continue to grow and improve by employing 21st century manufacturing procedures.

Our sanitary fittings meet and exceed the high standards of cleanliness and disinfection for the dairy industry. This helps ensure:

  • Enhanced Hygiene: Similar to biopharma, dairy products require a high level of hygiene to prevent spoilage and contamination. Our fittings boast smooth finishes and minimal crevices. Their high-grade stainless steel construction minimizes the risk of bacteria harboring and facilitates thorough cleaning and sanitization.
  • Leak-Proof Connections: Milk and other dairy products are susceptible to contamination even from small leaks. Our fittings are designed for secure connections that can withstand the pressures and temperatures encountered during pasteurization and homogenization. This reduces the risk of leaks and ensures product quality.
  • Efficient Flow Management: Efficient movement of milk and other dairy products is crucial throughout processing. Our fittings have optimized flow paths for faster processing and increased production efficiency.

Our fittings are especially useful in specific high-purity applications, such as separating milk components (fat, protein, and lactose) and in advanced filtration systems. If your dairy facility also processes biopharmaceuticals, standardizing with Advanced Fittings products throughout can simplify equipment integration and maintenance. Feel free to contact a team member today for more information.