7 Tips for a Timely and Accurate Quote

7 Tips for a Timely & Accurate Quote

7 Tips for a Timely & Accurate Quote

Here are some tips for ensuring the fastest turnaround time for your quote and the most accurate pricing.

  1. Material type – make sure to include this information plus any alternatives you might consider
  2. Quantity requesting – how many of each part you are requesting (if unknown give an estimate)
  3. Size of part(s) – include the dimensions/tolerances
  4. Finish – what type of finish is require
  5. Part number – helpful to include the part number from our website in your quote
  6. History – if you have purchased this part in the past from us please include a PO or sales order number
  7. Parts drawing – upload your drawing to our website or send it with your quote via an email to: sales@advancefittings.com

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