Electropolishing 101

Electropolishing 101

What is electropolishing, what are the benefits, what is the process, and where is it used?

Electropolishing, often used in the stainless-steel industry, uses an electrochemical process to improve corrosion resistance by removing a thin layer of material. The enhanced, brighter surface reduces friction and provides for more effective cleaning.

At Advance Fittings, our electropolishing system has been specifically designed to electropolish stainless steel fittings using the latest technology available within the industry. Our system is used exclusively for polished, stainless steel fittings, which have been cleaned using deionized water prior to electropolishing.

There are many benefits of using an electropolished fitting; the created passive layer assists in better corrosion resistance, the bright and shiny finish is aesthetically pleasing, improvements in surface roughness average are achieved, it creates a sterilized finish which makes it easier to clean, removes cracks and damage from the surface which helps avoid corrosion of the metals, prolongs the life of the parts, and removes any discoloration.

There are three steps in the electropolish process: surface preparation, electropolishing, and post treatment. In the first step any impurities are removed such as surface oils, greases, oxides, and other contaminants which may interfere with the consistency of electropolishing. The second step is the process of electropolishing, which removes a thin layer of material from the fittings using an electrochemical process. In the third step, post treatment, the by-products of the chemical reaction are removed, and the fitting is dried to prevent any future staining.

Electropolishing is used by many industries, including medical, dental, automotive, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food & dairy, and semiconductor. Medical and dental professionals use electropolishing to keep their equipment sanitary and functioning properly. The automotive and aerospace industries use electropolishing to reduce friction in their fuel lines, to ensure high performance, and extended life of parts. The appliance industry uses electropolishing to beautify and ensure longevity of the parts. The Pharmaceutical industry uses electropolishing to prevent build-up and reduce the collection of contaminants in the parts used in their production facilities. The food & dairy industries use electropolishing to ensure ongoing sanitation before each use. Finally, because of the strict requirements in the semiconductor industry, electropolishing is the standard.

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